"That poem was great Frankie!"

Thank you xx

# Anonymous asked:

"are u still friends with your ex"


# Anonymous asked:

"you are such an amazing soul. I hope you write many books so I can fill my library with them all. my soul appreciates you so much. shine that light shorty ☺️💕✨"

Thank you thank you thank you

I exist for you


And stay tuned !

# hairbyjuewls asked:

"I saw you at Apt.78 on Sunday, your beautiful doll 😘😘"

Thank you darling!

I don’t bite ^_^ so don’t b afraid to approach

"Frankie I love you and your poetry & your voice makes everything even better! What did you say at the end of the fools gold video? Your venus is in virgo so...?"

I can’t remember but I prob said something like ‘my Venus is I’m Virgo so it makes me a lover who loves to please + cater in attempt for a perfect love’

And thnks bbygirl .. I’ll see you around the hood sometime ;*


Washington Heights on MTV should’ve continued past the first season! It makes me so furious, like finally some Hispanics (and Taylorina’s cute self) bringing some flavor to my tv & each of you were actually doing positive things with your life; setting goals, overcoming obstacles, trying to figure out life in a positive manner, etc. (Unlike other reality shows where majority of Hispanic and black women act like ratchet hoes without a single ounce of class). SHIT, MTV LEFT ME HIGH AND DRY WAITING FOR SEASON 2!!!

But anyway I’m happy that ya’ll at least got your shot on tv and ya’ll definitely killed it. I absolutely loved the show.



# Anonymous asked:

"What does your necklace say? & where did you buy it? Much love, doll x"

It’s says Tiffany & co and it’s from Tiffany’s !


# Anonymous asked:

"I Am a Hawaiian skin ton people like some call me black is shit I'm really not I'm what they call in Spanish "trienga" can't spell but would platinum hair look good on me ? .."

Try on a platinum wig before you make the commitment!

I’m a huge fan of dark hair so I might b biased.

# Anonymous asked:

"hey frankie I love ur tumblr :), do any of your friends from the show have one aswell? if so wat are they"

Thank you!

Taylor does ^_^ it’s tayloriina.tumblr.com

# Anonymous asked:

"This guy is finally moving near where I live and we've been talking for a while and I kinda wanna have sex... and he'd be my first.. is that bad? Will it make me a slut?"

Not at all.
If you’re both single + into each other I don’t see the problem!

Have fun darling, don’t ever let the opinions of other people prevent you from doing what you want or pursuing your happiness!

And remember .. Safe sex is great sex so you better wear a latex!

# Anonymous asked:

"People hit you up for advice a lot. Would you consider an advice column?"

Yes but idk if I got all the answers lol

# rylieemeeshel asked:

"I am just now remembering you from tv lol wow I'm late"

Better late than never

# Anonymous asked:

"Favorite nude nail polish ?"

I’m torn btwn Essie’s ‘Lady Like’ which is more of a blush pink + OPI’s ‘Did you ear about Van Gogh’ which is a sandy color